Energy Officer - North Ayrshire Council

Hugh Paton – North Ayrshire Council

“North Ayrshire Council are constantly working to save energy and reduce the carbon emissions from our properties.

We decided to trial the CircoSense device in two of our properties, and are delighted at the amount of energy saved at both properties.”

Energy Team Leader - Renfrewshire Council

Craig Doogan – Renfrewshire Council

“We were very happy with the savings achieved at the Hunterhill Care Home with the installation of the CircoSense unit, which lowered costs and reduced carbon emissions at the site.”

Estate Manager - West College Scotland

Alex Deas – West College Scotland

“West College Scotland are always on the look-out for new and innovative technology which can help achieve savings within our buildings, both on energy bills and in carbon emissions.

The CircoSense3000 has significantly reduced our gas costs for heating the hot water, in turn reducing our carbon emissions.”

Property Services - Apex Housing

Paul Rodgers – Apex Housing Group

“Following an initial trial at one of our care homes, which resulted in significant energy savings, we decided to trial another unit at our head office in Butcher Street, which again saved both energy and carbon.”

Energy Manager - Abellio ScotRail

David Park – Abellio ScotRail

“We decided to trial the CircoSense3000 to see how much our energy bills could be reduced at Shields Depot. Following the trial, we were delighted with the level of savings the device achieved for us.”

Building Services Manager - Ealing Council

Ivan Somerville – Ealing Council

“I am pleased with the systems we have installed to date at London Borough of Ealing.

We were approached by CircoSense regarding installing HWS control systems on our sites, we carried out a trial with sub-metering and the results proved the system was saving 30% on the water heaters gas consumption.

We have since installed more systems and are monitoring the performances with a view of installing more systems where they are providing a below 5 year payback estimation.”

Energy Projects Officer - Nottingham City Council

James Kirkwood – Nottingham City Council

“We trialled the CircoSense unit at one of our busier leisure centres with the view that if the unit can be cope with the peaky nature of the hot water consumption here, it could be implemented elsewhere. The 6-week trial resulted not only in excellent energy savings that could easily be funded by Salix, but there were no adverse effects to the hot water demand to the user and the ‘fit and forget’ nature of the unit was welcomed by operational staff.

Following this the easy decision to extend the installation to other leisure centres and high use sites was reached with several leisure centres, large offices and a theatre included. Similar energy savings were found and the professional nature of the works, the installation and follow-up measurement and verification reports were excellent and I would recommend this technology to anyone struggling with hot water demands at their sites.”

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