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Renfrewshire Council have in place a Carbon Management Plan, which sets out their target to reduce carbon emissions by 19,389 tCO2e by the end of financial year 2019/20, which equates to a reduction of 36%. To meet this target, the Council was looking for ways to lower carbon emissions across their property portfolio.

CircoSense was identified as a potential energy saving technology, and Hunterhill Care Home in Paisley, which houses up to 60 residents over two floors in en-suite rooms, was selected as one of the sites to install the CircoSense technology.

The unit was installed in March 2015 into the Hunterhill Care Home, which uses an Andrews Maxxflo CWH90/300 water heater. To allow for accurate measurement of savings, an inline gas meter was fitted to the water heater to assist with the measurement and verification process.

After the trial period concluded, it was established that the CircoSense3000 had resulted in savings of 34.63% on the cost of heating hot water at the site. In addition, annual savings of 12.09 tonnes were made in carbon savings, with a payback period of 3.99 years.

Craig Doogan, Energy Team Leader at Renfrewshire Council stated:

“We were very happy with the savings achieved at the Hunterhill Care Home with the installation of the CircoSense unit, which lowered costs and reduced carbon emissions at the site.”

How the savings were calculated at Hunterhill Care Home:

  1. Reading of gas run meter on day one of trial
  2. Reading taken after two-week baseline period, during which CircoSense unit is on “Bypass” mode to
    learn system usage
  3. CircoSense unit changed from “Bypass” to “Active” and begins to reduce energy usage
  4.  Final reading taken after two weeks on “Active” and compared to baseline period


Key Facts & Figures

  • Installed in March 2015
  • 34.63% reduction in gas
  • consumption for hot water
  • No disruption to the facility
  • 12.09 tonnes carbon reduction
  • 3.99 years payback

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