Harvey Hadden Sports Village – Nottingham City Council

Harvey Hadden Sports Village, which underwent a £16 million redevelopment in 2015 as part of Nottingham City Council’s Leisure Transformation Programme, has a wide range of facilities suitable for both elite athletes and novices.

Following a previous “Proof of Concept” installation completed at a nearby site, which resulted in significant energy and fuel cost savings, Nottingham City Council decided to roll out the CircoSense device across a further 10 sites. Harvey Hadden Sports Centre was included in the project, and forms part of their Energy Strategy 2010 – 2020 carbon reduction targets.

The unit was installed at the Sports Village in July 2017, which uses a calorifier heated from the main boiler plant. To allow for accurate measurement of savings, a Bell Flow System BFU-100M Ultra-Sonic heat meter was fitted to the primary pipework of the calorifier tank to assist the measurement and verification process.

After the trial period concluded, it was established that the CircoSense3000 had resulted in savings of 30.68% on the cost of heating hot water at the site. In addition, annual savings of 14.95 tonnes were made in carbon savings, with a payback period of 2.64 years.

James Kirkwood, Energy Projects Officer at Nottingham City Council stated:

“We carried out a a successful trial at Victoria Leisure Centre, which led to the decision to install a further 12 units across 10 sites to achieve similar savings throughout our building portfolio.”

How the savings were calculated at Hadden Harvey Sports Village:

  1. Reading of heat run meter on day one of trial
  2. Reading taken after two-week baseline period, during which CircoSense unit is on “Bypass” mode to learn system usage
  3. CircoSense unit changed from “Bypass” to “Active” and begins to reduce energy usage
  4. Final reading taken after two weeks on “Active” and compared to baseline period

Key Facts & Figures

  • Part of 10 site install programme
  • 30.68% reduction in gas consumption for hot water
  • No disruption to the facility
  • 14.95 tonnes carbon reduction
  • 2.64 years payback

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