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Fernbank Medical Centre in Springburn is part of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, the largest health board in the UK, which provides healthcare to over 1.2 million people and employs around 38,000 staff. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have an ambition to become “ecosmart”, and CircoSense was identified as a potential way of reducing the carbon emissions related to hot water systems.

To see the savings which could be achieved, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde decided to undertake a “Proof of Concept” installation of the CircoSense device, which uses cognitive technology to learn usage patterns of hot water systems, leading to lower energy bills and a reduction in carbon emissions.

Fernbank Medical Centre was selected as a trial site, and the unit was installed in January 2017, and as part of the “Proof of Concept”, underwent a 6-week trial to prove the savings which could be achieved. Following this trial period, CircoSense3000 resulted in savings of 53% of the cost of heating hot water in the building, and reduced carbon emissions at the site by 3 tonnes per annum.

In addition, water testing was carried out at the site by an external water safety contractor, who confirmed that CircoSense had no impact on the water quality at the site, in particular with regards to Legionella. For more information on the water quality testing, download our Water Quality Test Results Final Version.

David Jolliffe, Managing Director of CircoSense, stated

“We are delighted with the level of savings which we have achieved at Fernbank Medical Centre, as well as reducing the site’s carbon emissions. We look forward to working with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to discover further sites within their estate which CircoSense could help to reduce energy bills.”

Alan Gallacher, General Manager Estates at NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde stated:

“The trial at Fernbank Medical Centre has resulted in significant savings in the cost of hot water at the site, as well as contributing to reducing the carbon emissions at the site.”

Key Facts & Figures

  • ‘Proof of Concept’ installation
  • Indirect water heater
  • 53% reduction in gas consumption for hot water
  • No disruption to the facility
  • Independent water testing determined no impact on water quality
  • 3 tonnes carbon reduction

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