CircoSense installed at Apex Housing Fortwell House

Apex Housing Association provide housing and associated care and support services, with a geographical base throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

As a not-for-profit housing association, there is a focus on applying “Best Value” principles, ensuring that continuous improvement is delivered through efficient and effective service delivery. In an effort to reduce operating costs within their properties, the cognitive technology of CircoSense was identified as a potential energy saving technology.

The unit was installed at Fortwell House in August 2016, and as part of a “Proof of Concept” process, underwent a six-week trial to prove the savings which could be achieved at this particular site. The CircoSense unit has integrated hour run counters within the device to assist the measurement and verification process.

After the trial period concluded, it was established that the CircoSense3000 had resulted in savings of 51% on the cost of heating hot water at the site.

In addition, the CircoSense unit reduced the annual carbon emissions at the care home by 3.9 tonnes.

Paul Rodgers, Property Services at Apex Housing, stated “We decided to put a trial in our care home in Letterkenny, where the CircoSense unit has proven to reduce our energy bills and lower the carbon emissions at the site.”

How the savings were calculated at Fortwell House:

  1. Reading of integrated hour run counters on day one of trial
  2. Reading taken after two-week baseline period, during which CircoSense unit is on “Bypass” mode to learn system usage
  3. CircoSense unit changed from “Bypass” to “Active” and begins to reduce energy usage
  4. Final reading taken after two weeks on “Active” and compared to baseline period

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