Victoria Leisure Centre – Nottingham City Council

Nottingham City Council have placed a huge emphasis on their energy services, with teams leading on UK strategies to increase energy efficiency and driving down energy usage.

As part of their Energy Strategy 2010 – 2020, there is a focus on meeting national and local carbon reduction targets. The cognitive technology of CircoSense was identified as a potential energy saving technology which could help reduce both energy costs and carbon emissions.

CircoSense was installed at Victoria Leisure in December 2016, and as part of a “Proof of Concept”, underwent a six-week trial to prove the savings which could be achieved at this particular site. The system uses stored hot water heated indirectly via the boiler plant, and a Ultrasonic Heat Meter
was fitted to the primary flow pipe of the heat exchanger in order to measure and verify the savings.

After the trial period concluded, it was established that the CircoSense3000 had resulted in savings of 24.5% on the cost of heating direct hot water at the site, with a payback period of 1.78 years. In addition, the CircoSense unit reduced the annual carbon emissions at the Leisure Centre by 12.85 tonnes.

James Kirkwood, Energy Projects Officer at Nottingham City Council, stated:

 “The trial at Victoria Leisure Centre has resulted in significant savings, both in energy bills for direct hot water and in carbon emissions, which we are delighted with.”

For more information on the CircoSense unit, visit the About CircoSense page. 


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