How secondary return hot water systems work in 5 easy steps

We all know that wherever we are, either at work or in a shopping centre or a hotel, when we turn our taps on, we expect the hot water to be there after a few seconds, and if it’s not, we start getting pretty impatient!

But how does the hot water get to the outlets, especially in large buildings where the hot water tank is often a fair distance away from the taps?

Here at CircoSense, we break down secondary return hot water systems into five easy steps:

Step One: Cold water enters into the hot water tank

Step Two: The water is heated within the hot water tank by the relevant fuel source, e.g. gas, electric, oil, LPG, biomass etc.

Step Three:  The hot water is circulated around the building, meaning hot water is available at all outlets on demand.

Step Four: The water cools down while being circulated around the building, and returns cooler to the hot water tank

Step Five: The water is reheated in the hot water tank and circulated around the building.

This pattern continues 24 hours a day, even when the hot water isn’t being used. This leads to lots of wasted energy and higher than necessary carbon emissions in secondary return systems.

Are you thinking there must be a better way of doing things? Well, that’s where CircoSense3000 comes in.

CircoSense3000 monitors the usage patterns of the building using smart technology, which then learns when there is a demand for hot water. This intelligence allows the CircoSense3000 to turn off the circulation pump when there is no requirement for hot water, reducing energy costs and lowering carbon emissions.

The cognitive technology is constantly learning, and adjusts patterns if there is a change in behaviour. CircoSense will also recognise if there is a demand for hot water outside the normal times of requirements, and switches on the circulation pump.

Find out more about CircoSense3000 and how it can help you save money by calling us on 0333 320 1000 or email us at

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