CircoSense3000 to be piloted at Heathrow Airport through Innovation Gateway

CircoSense are delighted to announce that they have been selected to pilot their innovative CircoSense3000 device with Heathrow Airport as part of the Innovation Gateway programme.

The Innovation Gateway is a partnership between Royal Bank of Scotland, Sainsbury’s, Carillion and Heathrow Airport to crowdsource solutions that can help to solve the environmental challenges they face.

The Innovation Gateway was founded by RBS in 2014 and has three aims; to help large companies save more energy, water and waste, to nurture new, brilliant innovations and to help local inventors take their ideas to market.

CircoSense submitted their smart technology device after the Innovation Gateway called on innovators and small businesses to come forward with new eco-ideas for the business’s commercial properties.

CircoSense pitched their innovation to a panel of representatives from the Innovation Gateway Partnership at Lancaster University in July this year. Since being selected for the Innovation Gateway programme, CircoSense have carried out three site surveys at Heathrow Airport where the CircoSense3000 will be installed for a pilot trial period.

CircoSense is one of only eleven companies selected from the applications that flooded in from the UK and beyond, and will help RBS, Sainsbury’s, Carillion and Heathrow achieve ambitious sustainability targets across a range of property size and type.

David Jolliffe, Managing Director of CircoSense stated,

  “CircoSense are absolutely delighted to be selected as a successful applicant for Round One 2016 of the Innovation Gateway Challenge. This opportunity to trial our innovative smart technology at Heathrow Airport will allow us to demonstrate the energy savings which can be achieved within hot water systems of commercial properties through the installation of CircoSense. We are excited to install our device in such a high profile location, as this will increase the brand awareness of our product and provide an excellent reference site for other interested parties. In addition, this is a fantastic opportunity for our company to establish valuable contacts within such high profile organisations as the Gateway Partners.”

With all the trial results shared across the partners, it will accelerate the adoption of new resource efficiency technologies and solutions and therefore opens up a wider, more diverse, testbed for innovative companies to trial their cutting edge solutions.

For more information on the CircoSense3000 device and how it produces energy and carbon savings, please visit or call us on 0333 320 1000


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