CircoSense launch event

Last Friday, Gerry Kennedy, our Managing Director of CircoSense proudly opened our new CircoSense office alongside Clydebank’s very own MP, Martin Docherty.

The launch day commenced at 2pm with light refreshments and canapés as a crowd of around 50 attendees gathered into the brand new CircoSense office located within Clydebank Business Park.

Gerry spoke to all who attended, providing them with a brief overview of our company and how our product CircoSense3000 operates.  Attendees also heard about how the Commercial Director of CircoSense, Andy Strang, founded the product CircoSense3000 by trialing the smart technology in the hot water system within his own home.  Gerry then thanked everyone for attending and the crowd separated into groups to have a tour of the new premises, from the office area where our directors, marketing and sales team are based to where the production of CircoSense3000 takes place.

Those who attended were lucky enough to be able see the product CircoSense3000 up close and hear how the device operates within a secondary return hot water system.  Attendees were intrigued to hear more about the product and were provided with the first edition of the CircoSense brochure to learn more.

After the tours, attendees gathered back in the reception area to continue the celebrations where they enjoyed beverages such as wine, champagne, soft drinks and our mocktail which was specially created for the event – the CircoSunrise.  On departure, all who attended the launch of CircoSense received an CircoSense goodie bag with branded gifts such as pens, notepads, lanyards and USBs and CircoSense cupcakes.

The staff of CircoSense would like to thank everyone who attended the launch of CircoSense and we hope that you will continue to follow us on our exciting journey to grow CircoSense3000.

Image Credits: John McKenzie Photography



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