Welcome to CircoSense!

Welcome to CircoSense Ltd, our brand new website, which was recently launched to provide potential clients with information and real life findings in relation to our unique and innovate product – CircoSense3000.

Our website will also give information on the pricing options, FAQs in relation to our product, and details to contact our expert staff  should you have any further questions regarding our product and the service that it offers.

CircoSense3000 is a secondary return economising system which is fitted to secondary return hot water systems helping to reduce the amount of energy currently wasted in hot water systems.  Our product can be fitted to hot water systems using fuel sources such as Gas, LPG, Electrical and Biomass.  After CircoSense3000 is fitted, it aims to reduce fuel wastage and carbon emissions through the cognitive energy saving device, as well maintaining your current legionella compliance in accordance with ACOP L8.

This market-leading device learns and controls secondary return hot water systems in commercial properties such as Schools, Hotels, Leisure Centre, Care Homes, Office Buildings and Shopping Centres.  As well as CircoSense saving a tremendous amount of energy for the client, it will also save money on heating hot water.

Overall, market research has proven that there are no substitute products on the market which will offer the same benefits and savings as CircoSense3000.

For more information on CircoSense3000, please get in touch using the contact form below or by giving us a call on 0333 320 1000.