What are secondary return systems?

A secondary return hot water system is a system which is installed so that the stored hot water is circulated around the system using a pump.

Understanding YOUR hot water systems

Within hot water systems, pumps are constantly running to circulate water 24 hours a day – even when you are not using your hot water.  This results in wasted fuel and leads to high carbon emissions.  With the pumps constantly running and boilers being fired often, it leads to high energy bills.

BUT… thankfully, we have a unique market-leading product which would be beneficial to you in avoiding these issues.

CircoSense Ltd is an innovative company established to provide solutions to reduce fuel wastage and carbon emissions through cognitive energy saving devices.

In other words, our company and its product, CircoSense3000, can reduce the fuel wastage and carbon emissions, saving you money on your hot water heating bills. So, now that we have your attention, let us explain how CircoSense can make this possible for you with our unique product within the market, CircoSense3000.


The main aim of CircoSense3000 is to reduce the amount of energy which is currently wasted in secondary return hot water systems. CircoSense3000 switches on your circulation pump only when required which means that the pump will not be continuously running, saving you money. Once CircoSense3000 is installed it will begin to understand your hot water system and keeps “learning” constantly and continuously adjusts the look-ahead running times to the actual tapping times. If particular habits are abandoned, CircoSense3000 of course “forgets” them again, too.

The results will speak for themselves in the sense that your energy bills will be reduced, as the product will know when and when not to run the hot water within your system, and as an added benefit you will be helping the environment around you.

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